I came across a piano on somebody's porchon this day --November, 20 2012. I liberated it from it's bordom at 1:49pm for about 17 minutes to create a response to 2 songs that Nicklaus (Whiff Trophy) sent. 

to Nicklaus

I came across a piano on somebody's porch today. I liberated it from it's bordom at 1:49pm for about 17 minutes to create a response to nicklaus's ramblings. So, from piano>piano, thanks for the birthday wishes nda and good love to everyone here

sent with care from Wellywood


1. Find a piano somewhere

2. Play an improvised composition in response, and record it with your phone

3.  send the .mp3 back to the group




(the audacity!)

so, it was your birthday, and in some place it still is

according to the theory of infinite multiverses of infinite coins

landing on edge, 


i wanted to record y'all some cool songs

for your birthday

but these are basically what i got

(the attached)

it was fun playing piano and singing;

the instrument has some much range

i've been bird-sitting/

house/turtle (in that order) sitting


for my aunt+uncle+cousin


to infinity

and infinitely infinite in pursuit also

of other things.

themes come through me

i have to do something

is it fate?

it's been argued many ways

legitimacy besueged me

and just a second of something



(all one: love)

i hid more

died more

hi d hi d hi


sore eyes at "culture"


it's easy to make a difference

from privilege

priviledge lived in language

but y'all know of my short attention span

still searchin something apparent

feeling the lean of be-aliving in 

whatever fits the meaning of

cause so many days a different nicklaus

heart beating for you

(feel it too)

cause we're the same

more samer than the named sam

game lover gobbeldygook transfused into

nymph hymns and grim heiroglyphs

scientific skin  touch

thanks for the change

dna's siezed

uncaging the famed monster

many've met here on this watery shore

then fucked under the boardwalk

or so they told me in the store, bagging up oysters

my neighbor's period panties are in the sink, with the carrots and other shit

we're making a soup of cum & dvds

i wrote more cause it was your birthday, and plus plus we were already way out here on the beach

were you assuaged by the look of things?

that was the part that felt right.

i never liked the whole oyster thing.

i liked the part where the fire rose from your open palms

and orgasms came like warm raindrops, searing every inch of skin

i was gone for a while

i wish we could go forever,

and with the right chemist (ahem)

we can.

are we? chemistry.

see, the sad thing is how fast we changed

are we still on the same page?

i already said it was me that left.

there were so many things i read about.

the acrobats. the seedy town.


all accounts tallied, i'd vote for the first candidate to bring up dish towels.

i'm all wowed out on the public Now

and how miniscule miniutae is spelled

i want something powerful


the star-reader read that's 

why we're still pals is a path i care to glance down

i'll acknowledge ejahlation

and the space...

fillin in a blank

in thanks

though we may remain strangers

in some ways

that's the best thing

the best thing is what always seems to happen

isn't that spectacular

i don't care if it's actual

or a question

and just like that, it's irrelevant

do you smell that?

it's lilac.

..pasta salad and cabbage

with a rasta

with an amulet

with ann landers letters memorized

2 truths and a lie

a. i'm getting tired of writing

b. i omitted a colon

c. i'd answer 'false' to the question

in the aforementioned adorable coincidence

i must insist

as love,

such is

the end.

then again…

_Wrote by nda.digital@gmail.com (Whiff Trophy)

© Actionaut 2016