Kitty Kitty Wi-fi

Kitty Kitty Wi-Fi              August 2011                     Start-up Pitch Competition Computer History Museum Silicon Valley, California  

In the heart of tech optimism amidst the venture capitalized freeways of Silicon Valley, ideas are born every day with the intent on transforming the planet and creating the future. There is a language common here -- a kind of pitch-happy lingo  that runs wild, a bit like what Hollywood was probably like in the 60s where everyone seemed to be a screenwriter with a pitch. I love the art of the pitch and the magic it can help to create. 

Silicon Valley is a different kind of business outlook -- it is perhaps not as much about the tech itself so much as it is about the notion of changing the world, making a positive impact, and makeing a ton of money in the process. The theme of positive impact is fantastic because it allows the best of human creativity to thrive. No doubt, after pitching my Kitty Kitty Wi-Fi idea in front of some of the top tech investors in the World, I literally was handed cash before even leaving the room -- my first investor happened to be a huge animal lover. There is a space between possibility and absurdity that is a lovely place to play, and because possibilities become exponential, ideas build themselves and I am merely the channel from the way it will be.

I first had the dream of Kitty Kitty Wi-Fi while at my friend Whifftrophy's house playing music in 2006. He always had cats hanging around at that place, and I felt like I needed to give them a job. The events of the Arab Spring strengthened my resolve, and I feel that the time is now ripe to make Kitty Kitty Wi-Fi a reality. 

I've been working with a few fantastic partners ever since I pitched the idea and people much smarter than me are committed to making history. 

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