Dilettante Window

Dilettante Window
May 2010
Athens, GA (USA)

Live interactive telematic performance. All 120 minutes of original material (including songs, comedy, juggling, storytelling) written, improvised, and performed live in a green room in a remote location. 

Interactive live video and sound transmission is sent through the Internet from a computer and video set-up in the green room and fed into a computer in the exhibition space which is running a software patch created in MAX/MSP/Jitter. The software applies live chroma key and maps projection into a lantern which is located in the remote exhibition space. I then interact with the audience remotely and can see and hear them in real-time through a hidden camera feed in the exhibition space which feeds back into a monitor in the green room. 

1999 Danelectro Convertible guitar (Korean edition), 3 blue raquet balls,  2 Macbook Pro computers, 1 logictech 720hd webcam, 1 Panasonic HVX-200 HD camera, 2 shure sm-58 shotgun microphones, 1 M-Audio firewire preamp audio interface, 1 Epson powerlite projector, 1 readymade lantern bought from Habitat for Humanity's Re-Store in Athens, Georgia ($11), 1 plinth, 1 PA sysem and monitors, 1 pair of  violet color therapy glasses. 

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