Timothy Ghavour Leatigaga (Tim)

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Tim is a warm-hearted and proud Canadian Maori. He used to go to Canada to visit family but doesn’t anymore. He misses Canada.

Canada and North America have a rich cultural heritage that inspires him to create. Tim says that making art is part of his personality and he likes to mix the classical and the cultural. He really likes how French and Pacific cultures blend together. For this auction Tim finished Classical hall vishion, a mixed media/collage painting that fits the theme ‘what you want’. Tim said “I want a fine house” and explained that this artwork has a roman theme.

A keen and talented artist, Tim regularly attends Vincents Art Workshop. Tim enjoys designing with his imagination because he can create ideas for a better future. Tim appreciates “the monocular” and depicting the movement and intensity of narratives. His style has taken about five years to develop. He calls his style of work "Rainbow Immersion." 

He says, "I'm an inventor of new art styles – Paradine - invented in 2007". The Paradine happens to be a fictional race in the science fiction universe of Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda television series, which are the first emotional and ever-present beings in the galaxy.  Given this, Paradine fits Tim’s personality and abstract style of art. Tim gets a lot of his art inspiration from the Bible. The dynamic energy obvious in his abstract work conveys key messages from Bible verses, such as ever-expanding love.

Tim hopes that people will enjoy his art and use it. 

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