Lee Davis

Gangster sandwich.jpg

Lee, 29, was born in Timaru, raised in Southland and has spent most of his life in Christchurch. He is of Ngāi Tahu descent. Lee moved up here to Wellington five months ago. He felt like he “had to leave the whole country.” Lee doesn’t have any whānau in Wellington, but he‘s “got buddies off the streets.” Lee has two children. His drawing of the flower represents his two-year-old daughter.

Lee’s art is symbolic and represents his life’s journey: “Life of the journey.” He calls drawing F3 Crooked Māori. “My journey is crooked”. The green represents Lee’s goals – “half way now”. The red represents how Lee was falling in those holes.

Lee’s past was very challenging. “I’ve spent half my life in jail.” He used this time in prison to learn how to read. Lee is committed to living a crime-free life and has proudly been out of trouble now for six months. “I had help, but you still gotta get out there. Some of it’s just choices. The first step is the hardest.”

Lee is interested in “beautification”, hairdressing and fashion. He is currently working towards this career by studying NCEA.

Lee enjoys rapping and rhyming:

Wanna feel the light                          Box in a blur                           Always in the box

Split in my life                                                Daze in a corner                     Locked up in the box



When asked what his biggest positive influence is, Lee said:

“Believing in myself. Faith

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