Fiona May Ford (Fee Fee) 

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Extroverted Fee Fee was born in Wellington Hospital and raised in Porirua.

“I’m a writer. I can do special art, subjective art. I can do creative ideas. It’s simple. I like perfectionism. I’m not a trained artist but I’ve been writing poems for years. I can write comedy – stand-up. I like writing songs. If a someone said ‘I’ll pay you’ – it’s all on!”

Fee Fee describes herself as a person who has fallen through the cracks – someone who has always been unsuccessful and undiscovered. She feels like people are asking her ‘Why haven’t you done anything?’ This is because she sounds intelligent and doesn’t look sick.

Fee Fee expands on this:

“When you’ve been deprived and neglected, you’re undeveloped”. But I’ve developed into something special”.

As a child, Fee Fee had autism, which was debilitating for her. She was determined to develop herself, and did just this. She has now moved into the less debilitative Asperger’s Syndrome end of the autism spectrum.

 Fee Fee used the income from this auction to buy a heater. 

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