Actionaut is a creative entrepreneur, conceptual artist, and Fulbright scholar whose post-disciplinary practice addresses the entanglements of exponentially advancing technologies and global culture for producing immersive experiences. 

Transforming situated places and spaces. Actionaut's current research explores the implications of pervasive hyper-media, communication and information technologies for collective storytelling and social-experience design through transpersonal approaches. 

His questions revolve around the perceptions and relationships associated with transformation, including hacking the cultural mailaise of time and place -- combining participatory situationalism with anthropological approaches to play to re-mix real-time culture and it's collective psyche. In this context, he investigates the hacking  of narrative possibilities that empower collective social action, and he seeks to inspire massive positive impacts through creative and peaceful collaborations. 

Through the engineering of new social interaction trajectories amidst situated global environments, his work opens up new forms of performativity and narrativity through transmedia strategies. 

Actionaut hopes to unite the World by transforming cities into symphonies, people into heros, and the planet into a sustainable spaceship. Actionaut produces transmedia experiences that engender an appreciation for alternative artistic practices, participatory co-creation, and aesthetic sensibilities and innovative approaches that exist outside of the contemporary mainstream 'art worlds.' 

The aim is to ascend bravely into our collective future, and unite us into a brotherhood and sisterhood of peace and creativity.

© Actionaut 2016